The French Village with SQUIGGLY LINES on Its Roads

source: Facebook/Ca bouge sur Baune

In a quaint French village nestled near the city of Angers in the Maine-et-Loire region, a unique approach to controlling speeding drivers has left residents and visitors raising their eyebrows. While many embrace the innovative method, not everyone is on board with these wavy road markings that have taken the town of Baune by storm.

The roads leading to a T-junction in this charming village have been transformed with peculiar, squiggly lines painted on them. These artistic road markings are far from traditional, but they serve a vital purpose – deterring drivers from speeding through the area. The initiative has garnered mixed reactions and sparked discussions within the community.

Local officials initiated this unorthodox project due to growing concerns about drivers consistently breaking the speed limit within the village. The goal was clear: to create a visual disturbance that would encourage motorists to slow down as they approach the T-junction.

The mastermind behind this artistic endeavor is none other than Baune’s mayor, Audrey Revereault. She believes that these zigzagging lines serve as more than just a whimsical addition to the road; they are a powerful tool in addressing a pressing issue. Instead of employing traditional traffic control methods, the village opted for something captivating, intriguing, and, most importantly, effective.

source: Facebook/Ca bouge sur Baune

Now, let’s dive into the reactions this initiative has generated. Not everyone is thrilled about the squiggly lines on the road. Some residents have likened the experience to seasickness, with the undulating pattern causing an unexpected feeling of instability. Others have expressed concerns about potential dangers these lines might pose.

Despite the mixed reactions, one cannot deny the uniqueness of this approach. It’s not every day that you come across a village willing to embrace such unconventional methods to tackle a common problem. In a world of traffic signs and speed bumps, Baune stands out as a pioneer in thinking outside the box.

The experiment is still in its early stages, and its long-term effects are yet to be seen. Will these squiggly lines successfully slow down drivers and make the T-junction safer? Or will they remain a contentious topic among the villagers and those passing through? Only time will tell.