There’s An Old Train Of Thought Suggesting How You Cross Your Arms Is Linked To Certain Aspects Of Your Personality


Go ahead and cross your arms as you normally would if it were to happen naturally. Take note of your arm and hand positions. Apparently, the way you cross your arms can reveal a lot about your personality. Check out the following descriptions and see if you agree!

1. Right Hand Out

If you cross your arms and your right hand rests on top of your left arm, you are intuitive by nature. You’re very in touch with your own thoughts and feelings, and are able to detect even the most subtle shifts of mood in every room you’re in. You have a curious way of knowing how people are feeling or what they’re thinking before they even communicate it to you.

2. Left Hand Out

If you cross your arms and your left hand rests on top of your right arm, you are a very practical, logical, and responsible person. You never let whimsical feelings cloud your judgement, and you’re someone who other people rely on. Before making any decision, you weigh the pros and cons before coming to a conclusion.

3. Both Hands Out

If you cross your arms and both hands rest on the opposite arms, you are someone who knows who they are in life. You have a great sense of self-confidence without being cocky, and you firmly believe in yourself and your morals. Because of your calm, wise nature, people look to you for guidance.

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