Traumatized Cow, Separated From Her Calves, Hides Her Newborn In a Different Location Each Day

source: Youtube/The Dodo

Being a mother is no small feat. Every parent, especially mothers, will vouch for that. They would go to great lengths to ensure the safety and well-being of their children. And in the heartwarming tale of Clarabelle, a rescued cow, this sentiment holds true.

Clarabelle, a gentle dairy cow, found her second chance at life when she was brought to Edgar’s Mission, a remarkable farm sanctuary nestled across 153 acres of breathtaking land in Australia. This haven is dedicated to providing a safe and peaceful environment for animals who have endured unimaginable hardships.

Sadly, Clarabelle was one of those animals who carried emotional scars from her past. Her story was one of resilience and heartache. She had been plucked from a dairy farm, where her low milk production had deemed her fate as slaughter. However, fate had different plans, as Edgar’s Mission intervened just in the nick of time, saving her from an untimely demise.

Little did the rescuers know that Clarabelle carried a secret within her. It was only after they safely transported her to the sanctuary that they discovered her pregnancy. Clarabelle had experienced motherhood before, but her previous calves had been taken away from her shortly after birth. As her due date approached, attentive volunteers noticed a change in her behavior.

Normally an enthusiastic participant during mealtime, Clarabelle appeared withdrawn that fateful day. She roamed the grounds with an air of uncertainty. Concerned, the volunteers embarked on a mission to uncover the reason behind her peculiar behavior.

source: Youtube/The Dodo

They suspected that Clarabelle might be hiding something, a precious “secret” on the sanctuary grounds. With curiosity piqued, they diligently scoured the area for any sign of the hidden treasure. And then, their persistence paid off.

The initial search across the field yielded no results, leaving them puzzled. Undeterred, they expanded their investigation, delving deeper into the property. And lo and behold, they stumbled upon Clarabelle’s well-kept secret. Tucked away beneath a blanket of tall grass lay her precious baby. Surprisingly, it seemed that Clarabelle had given birth a few days prior, meticulously caring for her calf and intentionally concealing her from prying eyes.

source: Youtube/The Dodo

Years of having her offspring taken away had instilled an overwhelming fear in Clarabelle. She was determined to safeguard her baby at any cost, even if it meant hiding her away. Cows possess deep maternal instincts and have astonishing memories. Clarabelle had experienced heart-wrenching separations in the past and refused to let history repeat itself. She was fiercely protective of her little one.

Valentine, as the calf was endearingly named, was discovered on Valentine’s Day, which added an extra touch of sweetness to her story. Unlike many other calves who were tragically separated from their mothers, Valentine would not suffer the same fate. No one’s ever gonna take her away from her mother.

source: Youtube/The Dodo

The name “Valentine” not only symbolized the special day of discovery but also honored the profound love between cows and their calves. It showed us the unbreakable bond they shared. Clarabelle could now rest assured, knowing that her baby was safe and that their love would remain undisturbed. Their remarkable journey inspires us to appreciate the extraordinary lengths a mother will go to protect her child.