What Our Underwear Can Tell Us About The State Of Our Overall Wellness

source: YouTube/DoctorOz

We don’t generally like to talk about things that make us feel awkward or uncomfortable, and this includes our underwear. However, your underwear is actually a really important part of your everyday life, and it can determine a few different things about your general health. According to Dr. Oz, here are five questions you should be asking yourself in regards to your underwear.

source: U by Kotex

1. Is the elastic waist band too loose?

If you fluctuate in weight, you may not notice that the elastic band on your underwear is looser than when you first bought it. Although underwear can simply lose its elasticity over time, a loose underwear band can also indicate that you’ve put on some pounds.

2. Is the backside more than 3″ wide?

The answer should be yes. If the backside of your underwear is less than 3″, it could be associated with an increased risk of vaginal bacteria and bladder infections in women. If you’re prone to these kinds of infections, you might want to avoid wearing thong underwear.

3. Is your underwear too tight?

If the sections of underwear around your legs feel tight or snug, they shouldn’t be! When underwear are too tight, they compress the abdomen. This can cause acid reflux and heartburn, especially if you are wearing your underwear higher up.

4. Does your underwear have static cling?

The sides of your underwear should not have static cling. Static cling can create friction on the skin, which causes dryness, itchiness, and irritation.

5. Does your underwear have any stains?

The answer should be no. Stains can be a sign of internal hemorrhoids. These hemorrhoids can create mucus, which will stain your underwear yellow.

To see Dr. Oz’s full discussion on this topic, click on the video below!