Vermont’s Government Is Offering Potential Residents $10,000 Simply To Move There

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Are you looking to relocate and start fresh? Are you an outdoorsy sort of person who loves beautiful landscapes and activities like hiking and skiing? If so, you could stand to make $10,000 — just by moving to the state of Vermont.

source: Visit the USA / iStock

Yes, you read that right. Vermont’s government is offering potential residents $10,000 simply to move there. The only requirements are that you have to be a full-time employee of an out-of-state employer, and that you’re fine with working remotely and being a new resident of Vermont.

So, why these incentives? Well, the explanation is pretty simple. Vermont has a very small population, and the government is looking to attract more permanent residents. “We must think outside the box to help more Vermonters enter the labor force and attract more working families and young professionals to Vermont,” said Vermont Governor Phil Scott.

As of January 2019, these incentives are in order on a first-come, first-serve basis. The $10,000 (which will be provided over two years) is to cover the cost of relocating, as well as funds towards renting a co-working space (something very popular with remote workers).

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