Waiter Stands Up for a Boy with Down Syndrome After Hearing a Customer Insult Him

source: Youtube/HLN

We’ve all had those cringe-worthy moments at work, but thankfully, most of us don’t have to deal with difficult customers on top of it. Let’s face it, some customers can be entitled and turn our day into a nightmare.

Now, picture this: a restaurant setting with its fair share of awkwardness caused by a particular group of customers. However, in this story, justice prevails, and those customers get what they deserve.

Kim Castillo, a regular customer at Laurenzo’s, decided to dine there with her son, Milo, who happens to have Down syndrome. I bet one reason they keep coming back is the scrumptious food they serve. But that’s not all. The restaurant’s staff is genuinely fantastic, and we’ll find out why in just a moment.

source: Youtube/HLN

Milo had become familiar with the staff over time. They were always thrilled to see the little boy, and Milo reciprocated the feeling. But unfortunately, not everyone in the restaurant that day shared the same joy upon seeing Milo.

At the booth next to them, a family was enjoying their meal but swiftly moved to a different table as soon as they noticed Milo. They weren’t moving to make space for anyone else; their reasons were far less pleasant.

Little did they know that a waiter overheard their conversation while they changed tables. “Special needs children need to be special somewhere else.” They uttered those words shamelessly. But here’s the catch: the waitstaff are extraordinary human beings and caught wind of their hurtful comments.

The waiter who overheard it all was Michael Garcia. Needless to say, he was furious. It’s disheartening to know that about 200,000 people in the U.S. have Down syndrome, and they already face enough challenges in life. The last thing they need is to be subjected to discriminatory comments when all they want is to enjoy a meal like anyone else.

source: Youtube/HLN

And let’s not forget, we’re talking about children here. However, standing up to customers can be risky. Many establishments prioritize customer satisfaction over everything else, fearing the loss of business. Those of you who’ve worked in the service industry can surely relate. Michael knew he might face consequences if he confronted these individuals, but he decided it was a risk worth taking.

He boldly informed the guests that he wouldn’t serve them. In response, the guests threatened to leave if he didn’t serve them. But Michael didn’t let that stop him.

Michael later admitted that he probably shouldn’t have said that due to the risk involved in going against company policy without managerial approval. But many believe Michael did the right thing. Luckily, his boss felt the same way.

The Laurenzo family, the restaurant’s owners, fully supported Michael’s decision. This means that the customer isn’t always right.

Although this incident occurred about ten years ago, the example set by Michael still holds true today. If more people could be like him, it would make an enormous difference in the lives of individuals with special needs. We know that for Kim and Milo, having someone stand up for them meant the world.