Why Do Hairstylists Always Wear Black?

source: Houston Training Schools / iStock

When you’re sitting in the chair getting your hair done, have you ever glanced around and noticed that all of the hair stylists are wearing black? Have you ever wondered why black clothing seems to be the go-to uniform for hair stylists? Well, there are a few reasons behind this unspoken dress code, and they’re all pretty practical.

source: Develop / iStock

The first reason many hair stylists choose to wear black clothing is because they’re constantly handling chemicals and dyes that can easily stain clothes. However, spilling these things on black clothing isn’t very noticeable, and it allows the hair stylists to look professional throughout the day, even if their outfits are secretly covered in hair dye.

Secondly, black clothing makes for a great “backdrop.” When your stylist is done their job and showing you the finished product in the mirror, their black outfit won’t detract or clash with your hair. In fact, their black outfits actually create a type of silhouette in the mirror, which can highlight the overall finished hair look.

source: Naples Daily News / Lance Shearer/Eagle Correspondent

Lastly, hair stylists like sticking to a black dress code because black clothing never goes out of style. When you get your hair done, you want to feel confident that the stylist working on your new ‘do is trendy and has good taste. Black makes for a classic outfit that looks good all year round, no matter what other fashion trends are passing through.

So now you know that the black uniform adopted by most hair stylists isn’t as mysterious as we may have previously thought. Thanks to Houston Training Schools for sharing this great information!