Why It’s Okay To Cut A Toxic Family Member From Your Life

source: Humans

and every family has a completely different dynamic, and sometimes, these dynamics are far from positive. We want to have strong, loving relationships with our family members, but that’s not always possible — and that’s okay. If you have a toxic family member in your life and it doesn’t seem like your relationship with them is ever going to be a healthy one, it’s 100% justifiable to break ties with them. Here’s why.

Firstly, a toxic family member tends to be extremely manipulative. On occasion, they may appear to be helpful and care about you. But this is generally insincere, and it’s likely because they want something from you in return. Toxic people feed off of manipulation, and falling for those manipulative acts will only leave you feeling worse.

Toxic family members also feed off of drama. They love to cause rifts between other members of the family for strictly entertainment purposes. They will talk behind your back, and will even spread rumors about you and others. When you engage with the drama they cause, it only makes them create even more drama.

A toxic family member is also very critical. Constructive criticism from someone you trust is completely valid, but being judged is a whole other story. Toxic family members love to put you down because it makes them feel more confident. This is the result of their own insecurities, but it will also knock you down and cause you to feel insecure.

If you have a family member who constantly demonstrates these qualities, it might be time to cut the cord and move on. No one is perfect, but if a family member consistently makes you feel weak, anxious, guilty, or bad about yourself, it’s not worth having any sort of relationship with them. Cutting a toxic family member out of your life is no easy feat, but it will be better for your happiness and mental health in the long run.