Why One McDonald’s Has Turquoise Arches


Hey there, folks! Have you ever been to Sedona, Arizona? If you have, then you might have noticed something unique about their McDonald’s restaurant. Unlike the typical golden arches that symbolize the fast-food giant, the McDonald’s in Sedona stands out with its captivating turquoise arches. But why the sudden change in color, you ask? Well, it turns out that there’s a fascinating reason behind this unconventional choice.

Sedona, nestled in the heart of Arizona, is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, particularly its awe-inspiring landscape of vibrant red rock formations. The city takes great pride in preserving this unique scenery and ensuring that no construction detracts from its grandeur. Therefore, strict guidelines are in place for all buildings to blend harmoniously with the natural environment.

Back in 1993, when McDonald’s decided to set up shop in Sedona, they encountered a predicament. The traditional golden M that adorned their restaurants worldwide was considered unsuitable for this specific location. City officials feared that the bright yellow color would clash horribly with the vivid red rocks that surrounded the area. They were determined to find a more suitable color that would blend in seamlessly with the city’s picturesque surroundings.

After much consideration and brainstorming, the idea of turquoise arches emerged as the perfect solution. Turquoise, a stunning shade of blue, was chosen because it not only complemented the red rock landscape but also added a touch of uniqueness to the restaurant’s appearance. The officials felt that the turquoise arches would be a much better fit for the city’s natural decor, and so they green-lit the decision.

source: tripadvisor.com 

You might be wondering, what’s the big deal about a color change? Well, this decision to use turquoise arches instead of the traditional gold was groundbreaking. It showcased the city’s commitment to preserving its natural beauty and respecting its surroundings, even in the face of a global brand like McDonald’s. This act of blending in with the environment set a precedent for other businesses to follow suit, ensuring that the charm of Sedona remains intact.

Now, you may think this change was met with resistance or skepticism, but quite the contrary! The turquoise arches were a huge hit among both locals and tourists. Visitors from all around the world were captivated by the harmonious blend of colors as they enjoyed their Big Macs and fries. It became a unique feature that people associated with Sedona’s McDonald’s, making it an iconic landmark in its own right.

The success of the turquoise arches in Sedona even sparked interest from other McDonald’s restaurants in picturesque locations. As word spread about the positive impact of this color change, some other locations in scenic spots started considering a similar approach. It just goes to show that sometimes, breaking away from tradition and embracing local beauty can lead to surprising and delightful outcomes.

So, the next time you find yourself in Sedona, make sure to swing by the McDonald’s and witness the enchanting turquoise arches for yourself. Not only will you savor the delicious fast-food offerings, but you’ll also experience a little piece of history—a story that highlights the importance of preserving natural beauty and adapting to local aesthetics.

Sedona’s McDonald’s turquoise arches offer a fantastic lesson for us all. They remind us that blending with nature and respecting our surroundings can lead to unexpected and beautiful results. It’s a small but impactful way to ensure that we maintain the charm and uniqueness of the places we cherish. So, let’s take inspiration from Sedona and strive to appreciate and preserve the natural beauty that surrounds us. Who knows, maybe one day we’ll all be lovin’ it in turquoise!