Woman Attaches Camera To Bird Feeder And Captures Some Amazing Images

source: Instagram/@ostdrossel

In 2012, Lisa (who goes by the blogger name Ostdrossel) moved from Germany to Michigan for a relationship. When she settled in Michigan, she was amazed to see all of the wildlife that visited her backyard on a daily basis. And so, she decided to attach a camera to the bird feeder in her yard. “There was so much color and diversity, different from what I was used to in city life,” Lisa explained to The Dodo. “I wanted to share them with my family in Germany, and so I started feeding birds and taking photos.”

Her backyard bird camera ended up capturing a whole host of birds and other wildlife. Let’s take a look through some of the amazing shots!

1. Blue Jay

source: Ostdrossel

2. Rose-breasted Grosbeak

source: Ostdrossel

3. Oriole

source: Ostdrossel

4. Hummingbird

source: Ostdrossel

5. Robin

source: Ostdrossel

6. Mourning Dove

source: Ostdrossel

7. Grackle

8. Cardinal

9. Orchard Oriole

10. Red-bellied Woodpecker

11. Chipmunk

12. Eastern Bluebird

13. Squirrel

14. House Finch

15. European Starling

16. Groundhog

To see many more of Lisa’s wonderful photos, you can check out her website or visit her Instagram page! Thanks so much for sharing this incredible glimpse into nature with us, Lisa.