Woman Earns Money By Renting Out Her Skilled Husband For $45 Per Hour

source: Facebook/Rent my handy husband

In the midst of a bustling world where time is of the essence, Laura found a unique way to leverage her husband’s handyman skills and create a thriving business. It all started in mid-2022 when Laura stumbled upon a podcast about a man who earned a living by assembling furniture for others. Inspired by this idea, she realized that her husband, James, possessed a wide range of handyman talents beyond furniture assembly. And so, their extraordinary venture, “Rent my handy husband,” was born.

Laura wasted no time in promoting James’ services. She harnessed the power of social media platforms like Facebook and the Nextdoor app, reaching out to potential customers far and wide. Little did they know that their venture would soon skyrocket, attracting customers even from distant locations. The demand for James’ skills was so overwhelming that they had to decline numerous job requests.

source: Facebook/Rent my handy husband

The success of their “Rent a handy husband” business was unprecedented. James eventually bid farewell to his former job and dedicated himself full-time to the business. This transition allowed him not only to focus on his passion but also to spend more quality time with Laura and their three children, two of whom were diagnosed with autism. Interestingly, James himself was diagnosed with autism four years ago, a condition that has enhanced his love for construction and building.

Laura fondly describes James as having a methodical mind and an ability to think outside the box. His unique perspective enables him to approach projects in a distinct manner, ensuring exceptional results. Consequently, James has undertaken a wide array of jobs, ranging from flat pack assembly and woodworking to kitchen installations, home improvements, and even gardening services. His versatility is truly remarkable, as he has even mastered the art of assembling trampolines and decorating homes with Christmas lights.

source: Facebook/Rent my handy husband

Clients who entrust their projects to James are astounded by his proficiency and attention to detail. For individuals who lack the time or expertise to complete these tasks themselves, his services are a godsend. Laura and James feel incredibly grateful for the overwhelming success they have achieved. The business not only provides them with financial stability but also grants them the precious gift of more time with their beloved family.

Previously, Laura found herself overwhelmed, shouldering the responsibilities of parenthood on her own while James worked night shifts. However, with James now fully committed to the business, their roles have shifted. James’s presence during the nights has alleviated Laura’s burden, creating a more balanced family dynamic. Drawing from their personal experiences of raising children with special needs and encountering financial difficulties, Laura and James have introduced special discounts for individuals over 65 years old, NHS and emergency services workers, disabled individuals, and caregivers. This gesture exemplifies their empathy and understanding of the challenges faced by others.

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As Laura takes charge of marketing and bookings, James passionately dedicates himself to each job, ensuring utmost customer satisfaction. The testimonials from their ever-growing clientele speak volumes about his exceptional workmanship and dedication. With “Rent my handy husband,” Laura and James have not only revolutionized the concept of handyman services but have also managed to create a business that genuinely improves the lives of their customers.

source: Facebook/Rent my handy husband

Laura’s discovery of that podcast opened the doors to a remarkable journey. It propelled her and James into a world where their combined efforts have transformed numerous houses into homes, brought joy to their customers, and granted them the invaluable gift of family togetherness. As they reflect on their humble beginnings, Laura and James are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to share their talents and make a positive impact on the lives of others.