Woman Finds Her Missing Dog 19 Days After Crash

source: Facebook/Sam Orr

During their family trip to Colorado in 2018 Samantha Orr and her mother Jennifer were involved in a devastating accident. This incident not only claimed the life of Samantha’s mother but also left her seriously injured. Amidst the grief and pain, Samantha faced another heartbreaking uncertainty: the whereabouts of her beloved Goldendoodle, Bentley. Determined to find closure and bring Bentley home, Samantha embarked on a relentless search that would lead to an emotional and miraculous reunion. 

After the accident, Samantha was left devastated, not only by the loss of her mother but also by the unknown fate of Bentley. Aware that Bentley had been thrown from the car during the crash, Samantha initiated a public search campaign, desperately seeking any information about her furry companion. Two weeks passed without a trace, but Samantha’s unwavering faith told her that Bentley was still alive.

source: Facebook/Sam Orr

Joseph Stratmann, a compassionate individual, reached out to Samantha after learning about Bentley’s disappearance. He had been diligently searching for Bentley and leaving food near the crash site. With a renewed sense of hope, Samantha met Joseph in the mountains to begin the search. Astonishingly, they spotted Bentley from a distance, but the frightened dog refused to approach them.

MY SWEET BENTLEY IS SAFELY BACK IN MY ARMS!!! 12,000 feet, so many tears, and a joyful celebration!

Posted by Sam Orr on Saturday, August 25, 2018

Determined to reach Bentley, Samantha patiently followed him as he made his way to the mountaintop. Despite her attempts to coax him with food and a new toy, Bentley remained hesitant. Realizing that Bentley needed space, Samantha decided to record a video, capturing the poignant moment from a distance. As Bentley gazed down at the wreckage of the Jeep, Samantha tearfully called out to him. Recognizing his mom’s voice, Bentley’s hesitation turned into joyous recognition. Overwhelmed with emotion, Samantha and Bentley embraced, marking a long-awaited reunion.

Everyone, please meet Joe (on right), Joseph Stratmann, from northern Colorado. Joe saw an ad regarding the search for…

Posted by Bring Bentley Home on Sunday, August 26, 2018

Samantha expressed her profound gratitude to Joseph, the man who played a pivotal role in the rescue of Bentley. In a heartfelt Facebook post, she thanked him for his unwavering support, describing him as her “living guardian angel.” Samantha acknowledged Joseph’s assistance in navigating the treacherous mountain terrain and credited him with facilitating her reunion with Bentley. Their shared journey had not only brought Bentley home but also provided Samantha with a source of solace amidst her grief.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Samantha acknowledged that nothing could fully heal the pain of losing her mother. However, having Bentley back in her life served as a beacon of hope and provided a sense of comfort. Samantha shared her blog post, where she candidly discussed the grief she experienced following the accident and how she learned to cope with the immense loss. 

Bentley’s incredible journey from a mountain to Samantha’s arms showcases the enduring strength of love, hope, and determination. It shows us the unbreakable bond between humans and their pets. And we’re so glad that they reunited!