Woman Stunned to Find the True Value of The “Bowl” Under Her Bed

source: Youtube/Antiques Roadshow PBS

It’s not every day that someone discovers that something they’ve been using or keeping around for years turns out to be worth a significant amount of money. This was the case for one woman who was left tongue-tied after discovering the real worth of the “bowl” under her bed. She took it to the American TV show ‘Antiques Roadshow’, and appraiser Richard Cervantes revealed that buyers could offer as much as $80,000 to $120,000 for the item. It’s no wonder she was speechless!

It’s always fascinating to see what treasures people have in their homes, and the stories behind them. This particular story is a reminder that it’s worth taking a closer look at the items we have in our possession and perhaps doing some research on their origins and value.

source: Youtube/Antiques Roadshow PBS

According to the woman, the “bowl” was a gift from her uncle. One day she decided to take a closer look at the item and take it to the Antiques Roadshow. It’s safe to say that she probably wasn’t expecting to hear the incredible news that it was worth a significant amount of money.

Antique Roadshow appraiser Richard Cervantes was the one to reveal the true value of the “bowl”. He noted that it was actually an 18th-century Chinese dish that was made of bronze and had a lid that was decorated with intricate dragon motifs. He also mentioned that it was rare and of high quality, which is why buyers could offer such a high amount of money for it.

source: Youtube/Antiques Roadshow PBS

The woman who owned the “bowl” was understandably shocked and overwhelmed by the news. She admitted that she had no idea that it was worth so much money and that she was completely speechless. It’s hard to blame her – discovering that an item you have not been using at all is worth thousands of dollars would leave anyone stunned.

It’s worth noting that stories like this are not uncommon. Many people have items in their possession that are worth more than they realize. It’s not always easy to determine the value of an item, especially if it has been passed down through generations or acquired in an unconventional way.

This is where shows like Antiques Roadshow can be helpful. They offer people the opportunity to have their items appraised by experts in the field, who can provide valuable insights into their origins and worth. Even if an item turns out to be worth very little, the experience of having it appraised and learning more about it can be fascinating.

source: Youtube/Antiques Roadshow PBS

Of course, not everyone will have an item worth $80,000 to $120,000 lying around their house, but it’s still worth taking a closer look at the things we have and doing some research. You never know what you might discover!

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely gonna be on the look out for hidden treasures in my home (or at my Grandma’s. Ha!). It’s worth taking a closer look at the items we have in our possession and perhaps seeking the advice of experts to learn more about their origins and value. Who knows – you may be shocked by what you find!